Fine Antique Carved & Inlaid Powder Horn, Native American, Alaska, Canada/Northwest Provinces, Siberia/Russia

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An especially attractive , interesting, and rare 19th century large carved and inlaid powder horn. We believe the powder horn to be of Native American origin from the sub-Arctic regions of Alaska, The Northwest Provinces, or possibly Siberia.

Our research, based on the horn's curvature, relatively narrow oval cross section, and colors, indicate this substiantial powder horn was fashioned from the right horn of a Muskox. These large animals range across the the sub-Arctic and Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada's Northwest Provinces and Siberia.

During the nineteenth century groups of indigenous hunter gatherers ranged across these northern latitude,s with little concern for national borders, and traded with Americans, Canadians, and Russians who operated tradng stations as far South as California. Firearms were a significant part of the trade and native peoples fortunate enough to aquire them needed to fashion powder horns and bullet pouches required in using these flintlock and percussion arms. Subjected to very hard service in a very hard environment few of the firearms or accoutrements from this area have survived.

This rare example shows considerable artistic merit and very fine craftsmanship. The main section of the powder horn has a lovely dark brown color. It is carved with a flat following the horn's natural upper front curvature. The flat ends in a relief carved design. The surface of this flat and its finial bear alternating faceted inlays of light and dark horn.

The spout end of the horn features a larger diameter applied conical section of horn with incised carved lines and having a nicely carved light colored horn spacer ring at the joint. The lower spout section is joined to the main section with strong horn pegs. Above the light colored spacer ring is a ring of woven material with the broken end of a rawhide carrying strap attached.

The upper section of the powder horn is light colored horn from the upper, or boss, section of the musk ox horn. Due to the natural taper of the animal's horn it was possible for the maker to fit this section over the main body of the horn. This upper applied section is carved with lobes at top and bottom of its oval form, lines of engraving, and a decorated lower edge. This section of the horn is attached to the main section with the same type of strong horn pegs as hold the spout section in place. There is also an iron ring for carrying the horn to which is attached the remains of an old rawhide carrying strap.

The top plug, which looks like dark horn but may be wood, is set into the main section of the horn and secured by the same thick pegs that hold the top light color section in place. Looking at the top of the horn it is possible to see the concentric rings of light horn, dark horn, and the horn or wood plug surface. the plug's surface is inlaid with light colored horn which might represent an animal or fish, small horn inlays are set around the edges of the main design. Two other horn inlays may well represent a cyrilic (Russian) 'H' and 'b' which may indicate the carver of this horn dealt with Russian fur traders who operated on either side of the Bering Straits and as far south as SanFrancisco.

This very handsome powder horn is in excellent original condition with lovely patina and excellent original surface. Please examine overall and detail pictures.

A rare and great looking piece for collectors of native American, fur trade, and artifacts of the Far North.

Dimensions: length around outside curve 16", inside curve 12", oval top 4" x 2 5/8"

Note: Musk oxen are not an endangered species, see links below:

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