Antique Figured Maple 'Fret Work' Hanging Shelf

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A great looking, circa 1890, American 'fret-Work' hanging shelf created in highly figured maple.

'Fret-Work', the creation of complex pierced decorative work in wood using a specially designed fretwork saw, became popular in the United States in the last decades of the nineteenth century as an artistic medium in which very skilled cabinetmakers created some quite impressive decorative objects that served practical functions.

This piece is an especially nice example of the craft and a credit to whoever created it since figured maple is not an easy wood to work with. The shelf is in excellent original candition with original surface and excellent patina. 'Fret-Work' is a delicate form and this piece has led a charmed life showing only a few old repairs to age splits and a couple of missing scroll tips. On a contition scale of one to ten, this piece would rate eight and a half to nine.

A fine and pretty example of a complex craft in excellent condition for the Americana collector.

Dimensions: width 16 1/2", depth 7", height 18"

Price: $175.00

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