Vintage 1930s German Junker's JU-86 Bomber Desk Model

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junkers 86 bomber model

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A very scarce desk garniture, periof 1937-1940, featuring a brass/bronze model of the famous Junkers JU-86 twin engine bomber. This German bomber was first flown as an airliner but was really intended as a military aircraft which saw its debut in the Spanish Civil War in 1937during which German airmen volunteered to fly combat missions for F. It joined the Luftwaffe at that time and saw action in the early part of WW-II, however it was not as good at its job as the Heinkel 111. This model appears to be the JU-86K variant. Numbers of JU-86 bombers were built for export to the airforces of South Africa, Sweden, Hungary, Portugal, Chile, and Austria.

This type desk garniture would have been created, possibly by the Junkers Aircraft Company, as a promotional and/or presentation piece for a JU-86 squadron officer or possibly a foreign customer for Junkers aircraft. The model has fine proportions and detail. It is mounted on dark patinated bronze/brass pilon flanked by two inert 20mm projectiles all on a dark brown bakalite base (sililar to material seen on German bayonet scales and some pistol grips).

This handsome garniture is in excellent original condition, the model with lovely dark mustard patina and the other elements with finely aged original surfaces.

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Due to their short production period original models of the JU-86K are seldom encountered. This would be a fine piece for the collector of vintage aviation artifacts, or World War II items.

Dimensions: overall width 6 3/4", depth 6", height  5 1/2", JU-86K wingspread 7 1/4", Fuselage length 6"

Price: $250.00

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