Antique English Gothic Brass / Bronze Fusee Bracket Clock, Thomas Moreland, Chester England, ca. 1830

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antique 3 train bracket clockantique 3 train bracket clock

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A rarely encountered brass / bronze cased English Gothic bracket clock, circa 1830.

During the second quarter of the nineteenth century there was a considerable revival of interest in Gothic design in both England and the United States until superseded by late Empire and Victorian taste in the 1840s. It is thought the huge popularity of Sir Walter Scott's novels romanticizing the Age of Chivalry created a considerable interest in Gothic art and architecture. Large Gothic style residences were built on both sides of the Atlantic ocean and some were lavishly furnished in Gothic style. It has even been said that Scott's interpretation of chivalry affected mores and folkways in the American South.

Antique Gothic furnishings of this first period 'Gothic Revival' are sought after by collectors. Given the scarcity of surviving examples, it would appear few substiantial top quality Gothic form bracket clocks were produced and those, such as this most impressive example, in full brass / bronze are truly rare.

The English fusee bracket clock had been a costly item for the elite since it first appeared in the late seventeenth century. The best clockmakers in England excelled in building beautiful examples, fitted with impressive heavy fusee powered movements. Fine cabinet woods were the traditional material for cases, often with brass mountings. A full brass / bronze case such as this clock presents would have required special expertise to create and would have been especially costly.

This beautiful Gothic creation is constructed of heavy plates then fitted with cast and chased decorative and structural elements. The heavy case houses a top quality eight day double fusee time and strike movement with 'pull repeat' and anchor escapement . the movement back plate is signed by 'Thomas Moreland' who worked in Chester, England from 1810 to 1842.

The clock has the silvered dial and blued steel hands popular in the 1820s/1830s. The clock is in excellent mechanical condition and strikes hours on an especially nice bell. The case has a lovely golden age patina and is in excellent condition save the rear 'spire' on the left side has been restored.

This piece is a beautiful and impressive considerable rarity for the collector.

Dimensions: height 18 1/2", width 12 1/2", depth 7 1/4"

Price: $2950.00

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