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Vintage Model of a Boeing P-26 US Army Pursuit/Fighter Plane

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In 1931 Boeing Aircraft Company found that it's new twin engine bomber, B-9, was faster than all US fighter planes. Therefore, Boeing set out to design a fighter plane fast enough to deal with ther new bomber. Boeing's P-26 was the result and went into production in Janurary 1932. The P-26 was the first US single wing fighter and some of its design features were based on American racing planes of the period. The P-26 was a handful in the air and a bit tricky to land.

The P-26 was a great looking plane with lots of character.  The P-26 can truly be called, 'cute', especially with the bright colors and US ARMY AIRFORCE markings of the period. A few P-26 fighters actually saw service against the Japanese in the early days of World War II.

This excellent quality non-flying scale model of this famous fighter was built in the 1940 - 1950 period in the traditional manner of model plane building at the time - the wings, fuselage, and tail structure were built with carved wooden ribs/frames and forms called stringers, then the this skeleton was covered with a paper skin, and the skin was given several coats of airplane-dope laquer which made it relatively strong and tight. Engine detail, wire bracing, landing gear, etc. was incorporated before doping. Good plans for model airplanes were published in Model airplane magazines and other publications like 'Popular Mechanics'. It required considerable skill and time to complete a model as well made, detailed, and well finished as this one.

Due to their materials and method of construction - similar to the actual wood, aluminum, and fabric construction of the real plane - very few vintage models and even fewer actual planes have survived. Below are links to view the only airworthy P-26 in operation, and a second link on P-26 history.

Click Here to see the P-26 in action

Click Here for P- 26 history

Condition: This model P-26 is in excellent original condition. The surface is exceptional with original paint and markings (one very minor skin repair on upper left wingtip) and lovely patina. Guy wires are intact as is engine detail and landing gear.

This is a truly charming and attractive period model for the collector, or anyone who appreciates early aircraft.

Dimensions: wingspan 28", fuselage 24",max. height 11"

Price: $375.00

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