Fine Pair Of China Trade Ship Portraits, HMS Bluebell

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A fine original pair of Chinese Export guache paintings on silk depicting the British Royal Navy Sloop, "H.M.S. BLUEBELL, CHINA STATION,1920,21,22".

During the l9th and early 20th centuries some naval officers on China Station would commission Chinese port painters to create portraits of the ships they served on. If they could afford it the officers had pairs of portraits painted. One of the pair depicted the ship in calm seas, and the other in stormy seas. The paintings were usually done port side and starboard side so they could be displayed bow to bow making a very handsome presentation. Today it is quite difficult to find an original pair of these paintings together.

This original pair of paintings depicts H.M.S. 'BLUEBELL', launched in 1915 as a well armed minesweeper / long range escort vessel. She had a colorful history. On April 23, 1916 she intercepted the German crewed steamer 'SS AUD' running guns to Ireland during the 'Easter Uprising'. After WW- One, due to her long range cruising capabilities, she was assigned to the China Station, her mission to protect British ships and other Western interests in the very dangerous South China Seas of the 1920s where piracy was rampant due to the massive political / military upheaval within China. On Nov. 15, 1926 the Chinese steamer 'SS SUNNING' was attacked and burned by Chinese pirates, and rescued by 'HMS BLUEBELL'! 

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