Exceptional Antique Working Model Guillotine - Cigar Cutter

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An exceptional and very seldom seen antique working model guillotine which was probably used as a cigar cutter. The model is built of oak with a steel blade and iron mountings. The model dates 1790s to 1820 and is an accurate representation of the original French Revolution period guillotine proposed to the French Revolutionary National Assembly by Dr. Guillotine as a humane method of capital punishment. The French guillotine was first used in Paris in 1792.

The guillotine quickly achieved worldwide notoriety and became an object of great fascination. Therefore it is likely a few accurate working models would have been commissioned during the period of the device's rise to fame.  Back in the day it would not be surprising to find such a model on the desk of an official of the new regime...perhaps an officer of the judiciary.  That the object served its owner as a cigar cutter would increase its cachet.  Unfortunately for antiquarians very few of these antique models have survived. Over the last 40+ years we have seen but five of these pieces.

This impressive model guillotine is built of oak with a hand forged steel blade (with lead weight) and iron fittings in the manner of its full size prototype. Scale and detail match the French Revolution original. The model is in fine operating condition with blade release and blade lifting mechanisms working well (we don't smoke cigars but can attest the guillotine works flawlessly on raw carrots and celery ).

CONDITION: This guillotine is in excellent original condition. The oak parts have excellent color, retain original finish, and have great patina with some light handling marks. The steel blade and iron parts show their age and retain excellent patina. The model's fastenings are handmade iron screws and rivets proper for the period.

A fascinating and rare antique for the collector......and quite a conversation piece.

Dimensions: height 12 5/8", length 7", width 3 7/8"

Price: $ 1650.00