Exceptional Auguste Francotte Engraved Model .44 cal. Revolver (Adams 1867 Army Type)

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An exceptional excellent original example of an early large bore center fire Victorian revolver. This beautiful deluxe engraved example of an Adams Model 1867 Army revolver made under license by the world renowned arms maker Auguste Francotte manufacturer in Liege.They were a maker of revolvers, military arms, and hunting guns of fine quality built in high artisan tradition, founded in 1810 by Joseph-Barthelemy Francotte. Francotte interestingly was originally a musician. Titled families of the tsarist empire were faithful customers and top quality Francotte firearms of several types were appreciated worldwide. The house was managed by the direct descendants of the founder until 1972 the most famous representative was Auguste Francotte (1901-1984). The company closed its doors forever in 2002. 

This Francotte six shot revolver is .44 Russian caliber with a 6 1/4" barrel. It operates both double and single action and is equiped with a side rod ejector and spring safety mounted on the right side of the frame. This heavy military type revolver is based on the British Adams Model 1867 Army revolver. In the 1860s Auguste Francotte obtained license from Adams to produce revolvers of his design of which this would be a deluxe grade example embellished with 'banknote' style engraving. Having been built in .44 Russian caliber one surmises it was specially ordered by one of Francotte's Imperial Russian customers. However the .44 Russian cartridge was also very popular in a number of countries including Mexico.

Deluxe military type revolvers of this period, 1867 - 1876, were not produced in large numbers and are rare in this excellent original condition.

CONDITION: This revolver retains 97% of its original high polish blued finish with some very minor aging. The bore and mechanical functions are excellent. The Francotte markings are crisp as is the very high quality 'banknote' style engraving on the revolver's frame and cylinder. The hammer, trigger, and spring safety were finished in-the-white and have excellent patina. The screws retain all their original fire-blue finish. This revolver has a beautiful original one piece grip with lovely patina.

This impressive and exceptional revolver showing little if any use, represents the best of its type and would stand out in any high condition collection of 19th century handguns.

NOTE: This antique pistol is being sold purely as a collector's item. It cannot be shipped to any locations where firearms legislation does not recognize antique arms, such as NYC, NJ, etc. Buyers are fully responsible for abiding by their local firearms regulations. We will not ship outside the USA. For the benefit of foreign buyers we will ship to fully licensed firearms export agent within the USA.

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