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Fine Antique Chinese Export Silver "One Yen" Snuff Box

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A very interesting and collectible Chinese Export Silver snuff box, circa 1915. The box is of circular convex form with the lid and bottom formed from a Chinese one yen coin about the same diameter as a US silver dollar. This coin is not the usual Republican Sun Yat Sen portrait one, it features the Chinese Republican Chrysanthemum / sun figure on one side and a dragon on the other side, and may date from the short lived reign of Yuan Shi Kai who wanted to make himself empror of China. We cannot tell if this box is constructed using two coins, or a single coin cut in half.

This rare form of snuff box displays excellent quality workmanship and is heavy in silver for its size. It is not stamped with a maker mark.

Condition: the piece is in vefry fine condition showing light wear and a few handling marks from use. A rae and attractive piece for the snuff and/or export silver collector.

Dimensions: diameter 2 1/4", thickness 1", silver weight 59.7 grams

Price: $ 250.00

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