Fine Antique Model of a British RML 1871 Field Cannon with Limber

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A fine antique model of the British field artillery Model 1871 'RML 16-pounder 12 cwt' cannon complete with its original limber which was one of the last british muzzle loading cannons to see field service. This model of gun and limber was built during the period of its prototype's use. It is unusual for an antique cannon model to be found with its original limber.

The Model 1871 guns dispensed with the traditional wooden trail and limber frame. They were made for difficult terrain and hard use in the far flung corners of the British Empire. British field guns of this design were built in 6 pdr, 9 pdr, 12 pdr, and 16 pdr, projectile firing weights. They  served from the 1879 Zulu Wars into the 1900 Boer conflicts.

This model is interesting in that it features larger than normal ammunition chests mounted above the axles of both gun carriage and limber which would indicate the model represents a gun intended to participate in an extended campaign - likely in Africa or Asia - wherein carrying the most ammunition possible was advisable since resupply was often difficult if not impossible.

This handsome and highly detailed model was built with a steel barrel bored through with working touch hole and front & rear sights, cast iron wheels, and a brass trail with geared elevation mechanism. The limber has a brass frame, cast iron wheels, wood ammunition chests, and brass and steel fittings and fasteners. The model is built to scale with fine detail and showing excellent craftsmanship. The model is in excellent original condition.

CONDITION: The barrel retains 97% original blued finish, the iron wheels retain their original finish with fine patina, the trail and limber retain their original finish with fine patina. The geared elevation mechanism has some wear but functions as intended, the hardwood ammunitioin boxes retain all their original finish with fine patina, and the ammunition boxes on the limber retain their leather covers which would have served as seats for the gun crew.

Fine and complete antique Victorian field artillery models are very scarce. This is an especially attractive and impressive model from an important historical period  which has survived in excellent condition - a great piece for any private or public collection.

DIMENSIONS: overall length 35", width 10", height  7 1/2", cannon overall 18", barrel length  10", breech diameter 1 1/2",  bore .40 caliber, wheel diameter 7 1/2"; limber overall length 19", main body 7", overall weight 17 pounds.

Price: $1250.00