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An exceptional vintage scale model of the US Coast Guard Auxillary vessel 'AMAZON' of Esses, Connecticut, USA, 1942. 

On June 23, 1939 Congressional legislation established the Coast Guard Reserve as a volunteer civilian organization the purpose of which is to promote recreational boating safety and to facilitate the operations of the Coast Guard.
February 19, 1941 - Congressional legislation changed the name of the Reserve to the Auxiliary and in addition, created a military Coast Guard Reserve under which enrollees were subject to military law and the Articles of War.
June 1942 - The hard early days of World war II when German U-Boats ravaged allied shipping off the New England coast. Congressional legislation allowed Auxiliarists to enroll as part-time or intermittent members of the Coast Guard Reserve. Thousands of Auxiliarists enrolled themselves and their vessels in the Reserve.  Reservists served throughout the war patrolling harbors, conducting search and rescue, and anti-submarine warfare.

The 'Amazon' appears to be one of the private cabin cruisers volunteered  for Coast Guard service in 1942. Her overall form is that of an especially seaworthy aprox. 37' foot cabin cruiser / workboat with aprox. 9 1/2' beam. Her sheer is quite pronounced , the bow raised to deal with open ocean swells. in the manner of Jonesport and Beale Island, Maine lobster boats and rum runners. It is possible 'Amazon' was built in Maine, 1925-1935, and moved south to Essex. Her external stern rudder is a very interesting feature.

Volunteered to the US Coast Guard Auxillery 'AMAZON's seaworthy characteristics, heavy boom, aprox. 8 1/2" pulling boat, lookout station atop the pilothouse, and roomy cabin and wheelhouse would have made her useful for open ocean search and rescue and as a good platform for U-Boat spotting. This superb model flying her original US Coast Guard Auxillary flags was likely built in 1942. We believe this model was specially commissioned by, or for, the boat's owners on the occassion of her being volunteered for government service. It is possible that further research will disclose interesting historical information.

We believe this waterline model was professionally built to a scale of 7/8" = 1'. The hulll is built of pine aand  upperworks are hardwood, cherry or mahogany, with brass fittings. Standing rigging is wire with working turnbuckles and running rigging is cotton or linen. The hull is beautifully formed and the wheelhouse is of true paneled construction. The detail work is exceptional and of the highest quality down to US Coast Guard Auxillary markings on  life rings, brass oarlocks in her boat, and guages on her instrument panel.

'AMAZON' is in excellent original condition retaining all her original paint and varnish finish with excellent patina and lovely original surface. The model is resides in her  very solid and finely built period mahogany and glass display case. The case is in excellent original condition with deeply patinated original surface. the case is constructed so that its glazed upper section can be lifted off the base enabling one access to the model and her removable pilot house roof.

'AMAZON' is a superb period model in every way and a great historical artifact. 

Dimensions: overall model length  33", beam 8 1/2", height 17", display case length 36 1/2", width 13 1/2", height 20"

Price: $1850.00

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