Fine Vintage 1930s Airplane Model Desk Set

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A very handsome circa 1935 aviation desk set, likely of British origin, composed of a model Avro biplane, atop a section of an oak airplane propeller , fitted with an inkwell, and the whole supported on an ebonized hardwood base.

This is a great looking example of 1930's machine age sculpture inspired by the romance of open cockpit flying when biplanes were still front line military and commercial aircraft. A very finely built desk piece like this would have been created for a pilot and, aircraft designer, or aviation industry executive.

The biplane model is a solid brass representation of a British Avro 621 'Tutor' biplane. This model's very attractive simulated aluminum finish was cold painted or plated with a laquer protective overcoat. The Avro 621 was a fine machine used extensively as a military training plane from 1933 to World War II. The 'Tutor' was the first all metal British trainers and was very popular. A few were sold to civilians, but most went to the RAF while numbers were sold to foreign governments. It is interesting to note that a few of these Avro biplanes are still flying. The propeller section upon which the model rests is cut from an actual laminated oak airplane propeller. The screw top inkwell is patinated brass on a glass body formed with integral pen rest.

For information on the Avro 621 Click Here, and Click Here

Condition: This piece is in excellent original condition, the model retaining nearly all its finish with some very light aging and a bit of brass showing on wingtip and tail edges. The propeller retains nearly all its varnish finish with lovely patina. The inkwell is excellent, the brass collar & top retaining nearly all their dark patinated finish, and the base retains nearly all its ebonized finish.

An excellent and seldom encountered beautiful and impressive vintage aviation artifact for the collector.

Dimensions: overall width 10 1/2", depth 7 1/4", height 4 1/4", biplane wingspread 7 3/4"

Price: $550.00

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