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Excellent 1898 Watercolor of the "HMS Ganges", 74 Gun Ship, by C.G. Strong

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hms ganges watercolor 1898


An exceptionally fine watercolor on paper painting of the famous british Royal Navy 'Ship Of The Line' 'GANGES' , the painting signed on the lower left, 'C.G. Strong' and dated 1898. The reverse side of the painting is inscribed, 'H.M.S. "GANGES", 74 Gun Ship of the Line'.

The First HMS Ganges was a 3rd Rate line-of-battle ship of 1,655 tons, with 74 guns and a ships company of 590 men. She was the ex Bengal, one of three ships presented by the East India Company in 1779 to the Royal Navy. Built on the River Thames (by Messrs. Randall and Coot of Blackwall) she was begun in April 1780 and launched on 30th March 1782.
The following is a brief account of her during the period 1782 - 1816.
1782 Action off Cape Spartel and Fina. Relief of Gibraltar by Lord Howe - Captain Charles Fielding
1793 With the Channel Fleet under Lord Howe - Captain A J P Molley
1794 In company with HMS Montagu in West Indies, captured French 24 gun corvette Jacobin. Captain W Truscott
1796 With Rear Admiral Christian at capture of St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada - Captain R M Douall
1801 Copenhagen - Captain T F Freemantle
1806 With Sir T Louis squadron at capture of French ship Presidente. Captain P Halkett
1807 Bombardment of Copenhagen - Commodore R G Kets, Captain P Halkett
1808 Blockade of Tagus, Portugal - Captain P Halkett
1809 Walcheren Expedition, Antwerp - Captain P Halkett
1811 Converted to Prison Ship
1814 Loaned to the Board of Transport
1816 Broken up at Plymouth  We have not located the painter, C.G. Strong.

The artist showed great talent in depicting this grand ship in a 5" x 7" format with excellent proportions and exceptionally accurate detail in hull and rigging. The painting also displays excellent handling of light and color. Until the development of practical film cameras naval officers exhibiting artistic talent were trained in drawing and watercolor so they might make visual records of ships, headlands, and ports they observed during their service.

The painting is in excellent condition and the frame is glazed on both sides so one may see the inscription on the back side of the painting. An handsome depiction of a famous warship for the collector.

Dimensions: frame 13" x 11", image 7 1/4' x 5 1/8"

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