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Fine Anchor and Clock Desk Set By Shreve Crump & Low and Boston Clock Company,

1888 - 1897

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anchor and clock desk set

anchor desk set

An especially handsome antique nautical desk piece comprising a fine eight day ship clock by Boston Clock Company, and a working brass model of a collapsable stock anchor mounted on a green marble base retailed by the famous luxury goods emporium 'Shreve Crump & Low, Boston'.

A piece such as this would have been designed as a special item for a yachtsman, naval officer, or ship owner. Since there is a brass escutcheon plate present it is possible this piece was intended for presentation.

The Boston Clock Company was founded by Joseph Eastman in 1888 and built very high quality ship clocks, carriage clocks and regulator clocks of his innovative design. In 1897 this company became the world famous Chelsea Clock Company especially well known for ship's clocks.

This Boston Clock Co. ship clock has a beautifully engineered eight day movement in a heavy brass case adjustable for ease of viewing. The clock is in excellent condition with original silvered dial and blued steel hands and runs well. The brass collapsable stock anchor is very well modeled on prototypes carried aboard US Navy warships, commercial steamers, large yachts, and other vessels of the period. A substiantial brass escutcheon is mounted on the nicely grained marble base and could have been intended for a presentation and/or owner's name. The plate does not appear to have ever been marked.

The brass on this piece is in excellent condition with a lovely golden age patina. The green marble base is in excellent condition with original surface and some light handling marks and very minor corner chips conensurate with age.

A great looking top quality and substiantial piece for the collector of American marine antiques

Dimensions: base width 8", depth 8", thickness 1", overall height 8", clock diameter 3 3/8"

Price: $ 1185.00

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